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[top right corner] 17
Hodge was at Coach &
with Frost Sunday
Evening about 7_ Hodge fo. 7

There being a stagnation
on starting from Black
Frost put himself
at the head & told people
to follow him. Hodge 7

He desired them to follow
him to Cefn - Hodge 8.
At Pye Corner Frost
marshalled Guns first
pikes next and then bludgeons.
________Hodge 8

[in r. hand column alongside sect. 3]
Frost seen between Cefn &
Welsh Oak - Harford ...
See his declarations these
& on the next page -
Frost seen at the Welsh Oak
at midnight - Williams 2

[left column contd ]
Frost sd at Pye Corner
We were going to attack Newport
& take it & blow up the bridge
& prevent the Welsh Mail
going to Birmingham
& there would be three
delegates there to wait
for the coach an hour &
half after time & if the
Mail did not arrive by
that time the attack was
to commence at Birmm
& thence in the North of
& Scotland & that
was a signal to the whole nation

[r. hand column
alongside last line ]

& q. Hodge



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