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Frost seen between Cefn
& Welsh Oak - Harford 44

Mob then asked Frost if they
had not better return -
Mr Frost sd no. they had
better not return & they asked
him what he intended to
do - he said first he should
go to the new poor house & take
the soldiers & their arms
then he said there was a store
house where there was plenty
of powder then they would
blow up the bridge - that
would stop the Welch
Mail which ran to the
& that ...[?wd be tidings]
& they would commence
then in the north on
Monday night.

Frost seen at midnight
at Welsh Oak.
___________Williams 2
He came back at break
of day -
discharged Brough at 6 o'clock
Frost seen at 1/4 to 9 ____ X^

[right hand column of page
alongside lines 21-23]

X^ Frost seen at Tredegar
by Anthony 29 -
he then marshalled the men.



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