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[left column]


[right column/
in pencil]

As to Partridge's House
Horseford back
Door so that
Frost could
not Escape
except by the
front Door

[left column]

____4 ___[with tick alongside]
John Frost
a Baker
at Newport
& Beer House Keeper
a near relative
of the Prisoner's
a known Chartist
Is understood to have
attended the meeting
at the Royal Oak
at Newport
to Frost but occupied
by a man named
Chas Jones who was
appr[hende]d but discharged
as to disposal of magistrates
Lovell attended at

[contd r. column]

Wh[ethe]r he knows Jno
the Lozenger
Man . Whether he
did not abscond
& was apprehended
&Wh-r he did not
say to Powell in
the presence of John
James Jones the
Constable that he
Powell was the first
man put in



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