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[top right corner] 20
[top- centre- of page] 2

[left column]
Rees Rees
John Powell
a Lozenge Vendor
at Newport was
___________by James Jones
apprehended ^ on
_______of being concerned in the
Suspicion ^ riots has

discharged He absconded
A violent Chartist
& has attended the meetings at
the Royal Oak
He absconded imme-y
after the Riots and
was absent 3 weeks
when he was appr-ed
& kept in custody 3 weeks
and discharged x ___

[contd r. column]
Whether John Frost
the Baker and Beer
House Keeper
not say to him the
Morn-g he was liberated
that he was the first
Man who wanted
the^ Poor House
pulled down &
was the first man put in it

[ left column]
Henry Fry a Surgeon
Son in Law of Frost
living at Newport
came from Somersetshire
was prosecuted for a gross
case of Crim. Con. [*] with
the Wife of an Attorney
at Worle Som[erse]-t named
Richardson now living
__ at Blackford Somerset
Had an action bro - t
________in consequence
ags - t him ^ and 1000£
Damages took the
benefit of the Act
a notorious gambler
at Newport has been
known to win 50£ a night open House

[contd right column]
[?]Whe[ther] he did^ not produce
some Certificate
Diploma or Admission
which was found
to be fraudulent
Wh- e he was not
prosecuted Wh-
he did not abscond
& go to Russia
& Wh he was not
apprehended or brought
back and prosecuted
for some charge &

[* Crim. Con. Criminal Conversation
- prosecution for adultery]



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