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____who released him
Watkins Thos. Currier Pontypool - confirms Mr Brough's statement [*]
Morgan John of Tredegar Collier

States that at yeWelsh Oak he saw Frost who was telling
the men "to get on"
That in the Park Frost told the men to stand
in ranks on the two lines of tram-road he came up & spoke
to me
States going into Newport to the Westgate he was
then 7 yards from Frost who turned to the crowd & heard him
say "fire fire fire' very quickly this was before the
soldiers fired - the mob imm-ly fired.

Donovan John Risca Shoemaker

States going down to Newport with the Mob saw a man
he believes to be John Frost one of the men said "We shall
have a big loaf when we get to Newport"

Maddock Thomas Tredegar Nailor
[indented beneath this heading]

States that abt the middle of Octr he attended a
meeting at Blaina back of Z. Williams House abt
4 or 500 thenFrost spoke & said if the men e[ndure]d
stick true to their courage that he (Frost ) had
no doubt they wd have the Charter & that shortly
that he was willing to sacrifice his life to
maintain the cause
W Jones spoke
Then Frost stated he wd. head the ranks
to any thing that wd. take place

Hodge James of Woodfield Collier -

States he saw Frost at the Coach & Horses
on Sunday Ev-g 3 Nov.r ab-t. 7 o'Clock - he asked
him if he was going to attack ye Workhouse
because if he did their lives wd be
sacrificed. Frost replied they were only
going to shew Government what strength they



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