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had - speaks of a man distributing ammun-n
to the mob - speaks of their way down to
Newport - Frost marshalling the mob
of his requesting Frost to send the Men
back to the Hills which he refused-

Williams Matthew Argoed Colliery Quarryman
Attended a Chartist meeting on Saturday Night
& was told he shd receive his ins[struc] tions next
morn-g that on Sunday night they met abt
100. George Reeves met them, he said he was
a messenger from Frost that we were to meet
& come along to Newport by daylight - he said
that Mr Frosts orders were that we were
to stop the Coaches & the Post - went
with the Mob saw Frost at the Royal
Oak Risca
- Frost accompanied the Mob
to Newport. -the last time he saw Frost
was opposite the R-Catholic Chapel.
After a word was given saw the men
rushing with their pikes at the Westgate

Lloyd Edmund Royal Oak Blackwood Publican
[indented beneath heading]
Z. Williams

States that he saw Frost Z. Williams &
Jones - sevl days at Blackwood previous
to the riot & heard that the above
parties held meetings at Blackwood
the week before the riot.

Coles James Pill - y Blacksmith employed in Mr

States that on Monday between 8 & 9 o'Clock
he walked with John Rees to the Tram road
to ye Waterloo T - ke Gate [*] where they met a
large body of men armed who appeared to have
two leaders Frost & Jack the Fifer -

[* i.e. Turnpike Gate]



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