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and if I did not go it wod be the worst
for me. I did not want to go . He said
I should - I wanted to stay back & said
I had burnt my foot he said
I shod go & I went down with
them with them 2 Men Tho Phillips
and Jno Woods they went to the
[?]road & consd & that there was
something wrong & wod not
go in Tippins said his Brother

Edwd Tippins
was a Cap tn & would [?]make
them they went back
went in Sat- y night the Room
was full as it wod hold
I saw Z. Williams he was
speaking [*] about the Charter
shod be the Law of the Land
the number of Soldiers
in Wales that if they were
to hold tog-r the soldiers
wo d be nothing & wod not



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