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Stand before them. He talked about
them meeting Sunday Eve-ng & he
would let them Know the time that
was app:d I did not hear any one
else speak if they did not go they shod
have their Blood shead shed & Vincent
sho d be free & that those who put
____Edwards & the others
Vincent ^ in sho d be put in their
places - Those present used to would get
up & say Amen which I understood
to be yes. I did not stop long Tippins
took me down ^ again Sunday night
I asked Tippins if he was going
to take any thing he said no he did
expect to have it on the Mo...tain
I went to Z. W. House Sunday
________________________A Man who
night he was speaking He ^ spoke
before Z.W. said they were to
prepare their Spikes &c & be ready.
Z.W. said he did not think they
wo d be wanted as their numbers
wo d frighten the people & he did
not think the soldiers wo d fire
upon them but not to come without



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