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Joseph Brown
_________________________the 3rd Novr
On Wednesday evening before Thomas Griffiths
came to witness and told him he had better
go with him to Zephaniahs and join the
Chartists and gave me 6 d to pay for a Card
and that it would be a very bad job for
for all that did not all join them -
Witness went with him to Zephaniahs
_________________which was very full of people
after entering the Room^heard a Man making a
Speech he told us all to prepare ourselves
with Arms to fight with - and when that
he would lead ^ us as he was well provided
__with Arms himself
^ and when the fight began to Rush
forward ; and not Run away if he was
killed, as he did not value his life.
Witness went to Zephaniahs on Friday
night & Saturday night
heard Thomas Guttery hold out similar
language -
Witness went to Zephaniahs on
Sunday Morning 3 rd Nov r went into
a Room large Room crowded with people
perhaps 200.- heard Zephaniah say
now you must all get yourselves Ready,
Armed and Come here this evening



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