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when we will go together up to the
Mountain - Stop there a few hours
and [?] then le them that had Wifes
and families should let them know where
to have provisions from til they & their
husbands come back again-
Witness then went to Mr Thos Browns
and told him what he had heard.

Witness Returned to Zephaniahs
about [?] 1/2 pa 5 O Clock he then saw
__ Zephaniah as well as _armed
[^]the House full of Men ^ with Pikes in
in the Room - he heard them say they
were going to start at 6 - O`clock
Witness then Returned to Mr Browns house
and waited there till about 7 or 1/2 past
7 O'clock

Witness heard one of the speakers say
they Men must be firm together and
make the Gentlemen work for their living
as they did



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