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[top right corner] 31
John Davis Collier living at Wimbury Row
Blaina states - about 4 months ago I joined a
Chartist Lodge which was held at Zephaniah
Public House
at Coal Brook Vale -
___________________about a month apart
I paid 1/6 at 3 different times ^ - & received a card
I have since thrown it away - the number on it
was 451 - about a week I I attended the 3
Chartists meetings when I paid money - one also
on the Friday before the riots & two on the Sunday
before the riots - at these meetings Zephaniah
Williams used to tell them that they ought to unite
_________"Take any thing you can catch - Guns, pikes or a staff only mind its
____________a good staff"
and arm themselves as well as they could ^ - that
no harm would come to them from being armed
there would be no bloodshed - only those that
stopt away would be ^ cause of bloodshed
Witness believes from what he said he meant that those who stopt away
should be killed by those who joined together -
About Old John Williams a Beer house keeper
used also to speak to the same effect - about
a week before the riots [J]Williams told us ^ & others there
would be a meeting at Zephaniah's house every
night that week & witness I might come if I had

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[line 4] Z. Williams
[line11-14] vertical line in emphasis
[line 15] q
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