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a mind - I only went on the Friday Evening - Zephaniah
then spoke about our uniting the same as before and
also told us to come there on the Sunday morning
and we should then know I went to his house
about 11 o'clock Sunday morning & staid there about
______the room was full
2 hours ^ Zephaniah told us that there would be the
largest meeting ever known on the mountain he hoped
that Evening that every one of us was to come - that
them as staid away would be the cause of bloodshed.
About 2 o'clock I went to Zephaniah's house again with
many others & ^he told us to be on the mountain between 6 & 7
that Evening - to bring all all that we had to defend ourselves
That we need not vex for our wives & children as "we" have provided for them as well
or better than usual -
For th no harm would come to them us for carrying them
& that after our meeting on the mountain we were to tell our wives where they ... [?] ^
I went to the mountain & met several hundreds there -
most of them were armed - Guns, pikes staffs & other
weapons - I had a gun - I do not know whether it was
loaded or not - I did not load it - It belongs to Wm Jones -
Wm ^ Jones
(no relation to Wm Jones) gave the Gun to me -
Wh We waited on the mountain about an hour and
a half and then Zephaniah told us we were to go to Newport
and we went down the tramroad - we did not go in any order
until we got into Tredegar Park - We did not stop until we
came to a place public House this side of Risca at a place
where the tramroad crosses the Turnpike road a steep part -
I saw Zephaniah then - he was walking backwards & forwards - I did not
[hear] him say anything - I did not see him afterwards -



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