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We halted there - but I went on to a small beer house by
the side of the Tramroad
to dry myself- I eat some bread &
cheese & drank two pints of beer - I waited there until it was
day light & the Gang came down - We then went into Tredegar
- I was then behind but was told to go forward because
I had a gun several told me but I don't know who in
particular - We halted a bit at the Waterloo - There a
man dressed in a blanket long smock was in front & appeared
to take the command & said "come on & rank yourselves tidy"
I never saw him before - He led us down Stow Hill tow-ds
the Westgate Inn - I followed him first to the corner of
the Westgate & when I had come there I heard firing &
saw people running away - I threw away my gun
& ran too -
I have heard Jones the Watchmaker speak at
Zephaniah's house to the same effect as Z & old Williams
__________________The mark
_____________ John ___X___ Davies

Witness [?] JHE
[?John Holman Evans]



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