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[top right corner] 32
Agst Charles Waters & Z Williams

John Davies Saddler Black
Gelly have[*] about 1/2 p/ast/ 5 O'clock
in the mor-ng of Monday 4th Novr
Inst.There were from 6 to 8
persons togr at the Welsh Oak
There was a Man in there with
a double Barrel Gun with
a Belt round his Middle
with 3 leather Sockets with 3
Pistols one in front the other
two on either side. He was
talking to some whom I do
not know. He stood up & drew
_______out of his Belt
2 pistols ^ one in each hand
He said with the right Here
____________with the other had
is one for Tom Gagg and ^ one
for Tom Phillips this
man had a Cloak in this
manner up around his
neck. There was Scotch
Plaid lining or the
Cloak was Sc[ot]ch Plaid

[*Gelly haf]



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