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Regina v Z. Williams

William Davis - I am a collier - and
live at Nantyglo - I attended a Chartist
meeting at Zephaniah Williams' House
before the Riots - I can't say how long
before the Riots - Wednesday was the
Lodge day - The Wednesday before the
Men rose was the time when I saw
Z Williams there - He said something
about the Reform Bill - I can't tell
what - He said something about the
Charter - That we should get the
Charter - the Prisoner said the way to
get the Charter was for every body to
stand out and not work - He said the
Tredegar people were coming to the
and told us to be there there to
meet them on the next Sunday Evening
I don't kn Prisoner said he could not
say whether the people would be on the
mountain Saturday night or Sunday
night - I saw a a Boy William Jenkins
went to the meeting with me - this Boy
works with me sometimes - I went to
I went to the Mountain about 8 or 9 o'clock on
Sunday Evening before the Riots I did
not see Z Williams there - I never
had the List - James James never
gave it to me - I ran home
from the Mountain - this is all
I know
_______The mark of
___________ X ___
________William Davis
Jno Rogers



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