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William Harris Labourer works at Twyn y Gelly
which belongs to Mr Crossfield . my employer
is Roger Lewis on the 3 November Inst. I went to
bed before Ten o Clock . about eleven clock there was
Knocking at the door and voices from the out side
____________________________they Continued to Knock
Telling me for to rise and I then rose and ^ opened
at the door until I did open the door and then there was
four or five men came in and told me to dress
and go along with them immediately they did not tell
me to where nor neither did I ask them. one man waited
in the house for me to dress and went with him as
far as Crumlin. where there was a large number of
people with pikes &c. and went from there all the
way to the welsh Oak when we got there to the best of my
Knowledge one o' Clock- and there I saw Thousand of people
some of them had candles in their hands.and I heard
shooting there. I went from there about four o' Clock
- towards Newport. and about two miles from there
I called at a Publick house or Beer Shop and called
for a pint of Beer. and there I stayed until between
Six & seven o Clock until the Mob came up - and ordered
me to go on. and I turned one side for them to go by
me. when I saw hundreds with arms and some
without arms.and I continued with them until I
was within a short distance of Charles Street in
Newport. and the first thing I saw there was the
Mob retreating back as fast and then I saw a
Man being carried on another Mans back and -
Blood running from his Ankle.and when I had
retreated back as far as Stow Church there I saw
Zephaniah Williams coming from a lane on the
left hand side of the Road. Who said why do You
run away You Cowards that was the first time I saw
him that night or Morning. nor have I seen him since



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