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Daniell Thomas
I am a Collier works at the Waterloo Colliery
for Richard Lewis. I do recollect Sunday the 3 Novr Inst
I went as far as Crumlin to the Navigation Inn
which house is kept by Richard Williams which house
was nearly full of Men some where to the best of my
Knowledge about 8 o'Clock.- I stayed there ^about 2 hours
and drank 2 pints of Beer and went from there to ^Newbridge
meet another party as was coming from Cross pen Maen
and then we started from there to the Welsh Oak which
house was kept by Henry Charles I was not in the house
___________________who I knew
but saw his daughter outside^ when we arrived there
it was about Two o'Clock in the Morning- where there
was Thousands of People there - when I saw some Guns
with them and heard Shooting. Just at the break of Day.
wer the Crowd was hooping come let us go- and then
_____to Newport I went
we went ^ about one hundred yards, below Stow Church
when I heard firing and saw smoke rise and Saw-
____when I saw a Man carried upon another Mans Back
the Mob retreating ^ and heard the people say that
he was Shot in his Ankle when I saw Blood running
When I was by Stow Church I saw Zephaniah Williams
who said why do you run away you Cowards, and
I then lost sight of him. I did not see him before that
day nor next Morning nor neither have I seen him



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