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Thomas Thomas
________I am a Collier I do work at the Waterloo
for Richard Lewis. I went to Crumlin to a
Chartist lodge in the last week in October. I heard
that Zephaniah Williams and Jones the watch maker
was to be there to explain the nature of the Charter -
_______________when I went there
It was between 7 & 8 [o']Clock ^ and after I got there they
took a room at the Navigation Inn which house is
kept by Richard Williams - when Zephaniah Williams
rose and asked the people if they wished to Know what
was the nature of the Charter and they said yes when
he then explained different points to them - that he
thought the Charter would be the Law of the Land
before long -who thought that they would be able to have
it without Bloodshed and said that he would advise every
one to provide some sort of arms that the Law of the land
allowed everyone to carry arms to protect themselves .

Then Jones the watch maker took his place who said that
he would ^tell them what sort of Law ours was to protect Money
and not persons and said that we as workmen who worked
under Ground ought to earn more money than any one else
and what risk we ran under ground of our lives - saying
after we went in the Morning we did not Know whether
we shuld return home at night alive or not -
And he said it was their Intention to have Vincent
liberated and to put Lord John Russell in his place
and then we parted and went home about Ten o'Clock to
the best of my Knowledge

29th Nov 1839



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