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Mr. Jno Nicholl Hawkins examined - I am residing
in the Town of Newport and am in the Medical Profession
I attended I was called upon to attend a Sick Woman
_______________about 10 o'clock on 4th November last
at Michaelstone vedw in this Co-y - That when I arrived
at Pike [Pye]Corner near Tredegar Park I saw about 100
Men near the Gate leading into the Park armed with
pikes, pieces of scythes attached to sticks, and the one man
at the endof the mob at a had a Sword - I saw the Prisoner in
the Mob
- I advised the Mob not to go on, as 3 Packets
of Soldiers had arrived at Newport - That I heard the
Prisoner urge the people to go Come on, to let them people
know what the Colliers could do (or words to this effect
That I heard continual firing of Guns in the Park
I should say 50 times in about 10 Minutes - I considered
that there was imminent great danger of the Town
life and property and I went immediately and
informed The Revd Mr Coles of what I witnessed
at his Residence -



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