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[top right corner] 39
Richard Hawkins - a Miner at the Blaina Works
(Mr Brewers) formerly a Corporal of Marines - says
I have not joined any Chartist Lodge - I have not
not been at Zephaniah Williams's house for several
months previous to Sunday the 3.rd November -
____________________________my brother in Law
I went there that Evening with Isaac Davies ^ to
pay a small sum (I believe about 2/-) that I owed
there & to have some beer - The house was very full -
Zephaniah Williams was talking to the men there in
another room than that in which we were - I could
not heard what he said - I saw him go up stairs
& come down again in a few minutes - he had
changed his Clothes - Some few minutes after he
had come down stairs - he went into a little room
which was empty - I soon afterwards followed
him to ascertain what I owed him & to pay him -
... I spoke to him but he did not appear to take
Notice he was so busy - There There were about
20 or 30 cartridges on the Table which he seemed
to be rolling up in a paper - I went out immediately
7 told my Brother in Law & we both left the house
& went home - Richard Hawkins

[in left margin agst line 6] Isaac Davies

[lines in left margin alongside lines 19-20
- emphasis marks for underlined words]



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