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all any very easy got by having the
Poor to stick together without any
trouble or Shedding of Blood. _ x
Witness I then got up and went away.
On Thursday night witness I went there again
he I then heard John Williams talk about
the same things Zephaniah did on
the Tuesday -

______ Zephaniahs Son then got up
and had Some speeches out of the
Vindicator newspaper. -

__ Witness ^ I went there again on Friday or
Saturday Night and heard Thomas
make speeches - and He said Chartism
was a very good thing for the Poor - and
if every one would stick true we should
get the Charter in spite of all the
Devils in Hell. -

On Sunday evening between 3 & 4 O'clock
witness ^ I went to Zephaniahs and
saw him in the Room full of people
and heard him say you had better
Arm yourselves and come here this

[line 3 contd left margin - x ]
He also said said " People should not be afraid of not being supplied on the road for that there was a great
many Gentlemen giving their money to support the cause our Wives and children should
not be in want until we came home again in peace & without shedding of blood that
there was nothing of that sort to be -

[in left margin: vertical line in emphasis
last par, lines 19-21]



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