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[*] evening to go and Meet on the Mountain
it would be one of largest
Meetings they had ever Seen
they were to start as soon as it was
dark - witness ^ I then went home.
About 1/2 past 5 O'clock Witness ^ I was walking
up the road by Zephaniahs House
with his my Wife 3 Men with Pikes
came up to me him and said here
is one of them that we have Seen
in the Lodge going to Run away
they pushed my Wife and
took me
to the Door I then saw several lots
of Men from 2 to 4 together go Round
____________________into a building
the Corner without any Arms ^ under
// the Lodge Room and Returned
again with Pikes and other weapons
it was Dark I could not plainly
See what weapons but Some of them
__I did not see Zephaniah after I left the Mountain
was Pikes - I was made to go with them as far as Stow
when I made my escape - I got home Tuesday Evening
______________[signed] Wm Howell.

[* notations in left margin]
[ agst line 1 - in pencil - Sunday]
[a line vertically between lines 5-20
with further emphasis marks and Pikes
written alongside the underlined words of lines 10-13]



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