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[top right] 42
Regina v. Z. Williams

Benjamin James - I am a Collier - I
live at the Blaina - I was at the
__________________the _____before the Riots
Prisoner's House on ^ Saturday night^ between
8 and 9 o'Clock - I saw Prisr there -
there were a great many people there with
him - I dont know any of them - I went
from the long Room to a small Room
just by the door - I saw Thomas
there - He said to me I
said to Ferrady "I should like to have
David David Evans' Gun" - Ferrady said
he would go to Mr.Williams ^ and ask
the loan of a Sovereign to buy the Gun. -
Ferrady went out and brought a Gun
back with him - he said he had been
and bought the Gun of David Evans &
said he had given a Guinea for it -
and that he had bought it for me -
He gave me the Gun - I paid him
a Shilling - Prisr took the Gun in hand
and Examined it - and said " Its a pretty
Gun" - When I went away I left the
___with Ferraday
Gun ^ in the same Room the Prisr
was in - I had been given orders by
Prisr previously to this to provide
myself with Arms - to defend myself -
I went to Prisoners house between 9 and
10 o'Clock on the following Sunday morning
to have a pint of Beer - I saw Zephaniah
there - I saw him in the Bar -
I gave Prisoner a Sovereign and told him it
was what Prisr had lent for the Gun on the
Saturday night - Prisrtook the Sovereign

[in left margin]
Thos Ferrady
was killed [lines9-10]
The Gun [line 13]

[with vertical lines
placed in emphasis lines 12-24]



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