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He thanked me for it - I went into the Lodge
- I staid there for about 5 or 10
minutes - The Room was full - Prisr
was there - I cant recollect what was
said - I went into another Room and
drank some Beer - I staid about two
Hours - I went from there home - I
went back again between 5 & 6 o`Clock -
I saw Prisr there. He had a Great Coat
on - and went out some where - I remained
there about a quarter of an hour - Tom
was there - He gave me the

____upon the road[?]
Gun ^- I previously asked for it - I went out
______with Tom Ferraday
with the Gun ^- I went to the Mountain.
When I got there I saw many score of
people there - but I dont Know any of them.
I heard the Prisoner speaking - I could
not see him - He was speaking in
English - I didn't understand him -
I knew him by his voice - It was dark -
& very wet - We went down to the works -
We staid there a few minutes - The men
in front sung out " come away" - We went
away - We went on on the Tram
Road to a little public House
- The House
was full - I did not see Prisrthere - I
went a long way about 5 or 6 m 6
Miles further down - I went into a
public House - had part of a pint of Beer - took
off my jacket (it being wet) to dry it -
I remained drying my Coat for three or four
hours - I thought of returning home when five
or six men came and took him with
them - they took me to the Road -



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