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[top right] 44
Regina v Z Williams

[ in left margin / agst lines 2-4]
See the latter
part of this:

James James I am a Miner - I live at the Blaina
near Mr Brewer's New Works - I was at the
Royal Oak on Sunday morning the 3rd instant
at 10 o'Clock - I went home and had
my dinner and went back to the Royal
again - It was past 3 - The
Royal Oak is kept by Prisoner - I saw
Prisoner there each time - I saw
nothing particular at the House - some
man from Blackwood was there the
Second time he was there - He was
Speaking - He told us to meet us at the
at 6 o'Clock that Evening
- the Prisoner also told them the same -
and that they should hear all the
secret when they got to the top of
the Mountain - and that they were to
bring every thing that they could get in
their hand to defend themselves
with - I remained at the Royal Oak
for nearly an hour and then went
home and had some victuals -
I went to the Mountain after 5 o'Clock
that Evening - I met a great many
people on the way - some hundreds -
some had Arms - some Guns, pikes &c -
It was a very dark rainy night and I
could not see very well - When I got
to the Mountain there were a good
many hundreds of people there - I
I heard Prisoner speaking - I could not
see him - I cannot swear that the



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