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_____________________Llewellyn Williams
he requested me to go to his Son ^ for him to draw out a
List - I went & told the son the message
_______________________assented to become
William Davies who had been appointed a Captain of
10. by arrangement amongst the others whilst at work he
________________________________________cards of the
asked me to go to Zephaniah's house with the ^ other men
(mentioned in the paper) & get a List of them made out -
I went there and asked him to make the List - He said
he was too busy and told me to go his Son - I went
& gave the Llewellyn the cards & /.../... [*] he made
out the list I produced - he wrote it in my presence -
I had the cards back
^ & I gave them List to and the list to Wm Jenkins to leave
at the house of John Davis Jonathan for Wm Davis -
In about a fortnight after Wm Davis refused to take the
List - Wm Jenkins brought it back to me with the cards
I gave the cards to the paries in the List - I left the
list - has he It dropt once out of his trouser's
pocket once while they were drying & somebody
picked it up & gave it to my wife - I can swear
it is the same - I cannot read but I know
my own number II 89 & I know two Js
because I mark my name with those letters -

[in left margin]
Wm Davies [agst line 3]
Wm Jenkins [agst lines10-12]
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