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[top right corner] 45
James James he went of at the request
of his fellow workmen ^ nine who worked in
a Level together to with their Chartist
Cards to Zephaniah Williams to form
them into a Company of ten as they work-d
together - they might ^ act together - He went
about a month previous to the the outbreak
to Z Williams's House and asked him
to do so - he was in a Room busy upon other
Business when he desired him to go into the
next Room to his Son Llewellyn who
would do it for him - he did so when
Llewellyn deliver-d him the list now
_____to be given by him to his Captain Davis
produced - [*] one of the men was killed
at Newport Abraham Thomas, Z. Williams
lent B James a sovereign to purchase
a Gun the night previous to the
outbreak B. James paid him on the Sunday
morning. Williams looked at the Gun and
said it was a pretty Gun and there was
no harm in Carrying it to the meeting
on the mountain. J James knows his number
it is 89.

[* text continued in pencil from this point]



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