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John James I live in my h own house^ at the Fleur de
Lis Colliery
in the Parish of Monythusloyne ^ & am Collier
On Thursday the 31st of October I attended a Chartist
meeting at the house of Benjamin Davis near the
Fleur de lis in the Parish of Bedwelty - The meeting
was attended by Zephaniah Williams Jones the
& several hundreds of others - Jones began
to address the people in English - A Stranger
was in the chair - Though I did not understand
English well I understood Jones to say that he wod
rather die than that they should lose the day -
After he had done speaking Z Williams got up
& spoke to them - He desired them to organize &
prepare themselves - He could not tell how soon
they would be called upon - that where he lived -
the people organized themselves every night & until
5 O'clock in the morning - That is all I heard that
I could understand - ______________his
____________________________John X James
Wit J. H. Evans

William James abiding with his brother the
above John James - says the same -
_________________________________William X James
Wit J.H. Evans



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