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Regina v Z Williams

William Jenkins - I am a Haulier for
_ and am about 13 years of age[^]
the Coalbrook Vale Company - and I live at
Garnvach - I live with my mother & sister -
My Mother's house is about a quarter of a
mile from Prisoners House - William
' House is at Coed ca [*] nearl a little
further than mine from Z. Williams House -
about 100 yards - About 6 weeks or two
Months before the Riots I was at Zephaniah
- James James came to my
House and asked me to go to Prisoner's
House - as a partner - to have a drop of -
Beer - I went - I sat down in the Long
Room - Myself, James James, and
Llewellin Williams, Prisoner's Son, were in
the Room - I saw James James give
Llewellin Williams 11 Cards - My name
was on one of the Cards - I dont know the
names of any of the others - and asked
L.Williams to put them down on the paper -
He wrote them down on the paper - As
soon as L.Williams had written the names
he gave it bac to James James - and
told him to take it with him - James
I went to home James James went home
with me that evening and let took the paper
with him - I saw him put the paper in
his pocket at Prisoner's House - James
sat down and had some convers-n
with my Sisters - John David is the
Landlord of the House in which I live
- I paid 6d for my Card when I entered -
He said he had a paper for William and
- Davis -
said that they were to give it to William

[* Coed cae - Blaina]



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