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Regina v. Zephaniah Williams

William Jones - I am a Collier - I live at the
Blaina - I know the Prisoner Zephaniah
- I was at home on Sunday the
3rd November instant - About 3 o'Clock in
the afternoon of the said day Sunday
I received a message from a Man who came
to my House that I was wanted at Zephaniah
' House
to attend a meeting there at
between 6.&.7 o'Clock that Evening - I don't
know the Man that came to my house with
the message - I think he was an Englishman
I went to Zephaniah Williams' in the
Evening about Seven o`Clock - There were
hundreds there - Prisoner addressed us
he said "We were all to be firm and to
meet him at the Kendal - to stand true
and we shall have what we want" -
I dont recollect what he said - I
think he said something about the
poor House - I was with him upon
the Mountain - I went about a mile
and a half and then being very wet
I said to those that were with me
"lets go in and dry ourselves " - with
that three of the Gang said, pointing
their pikes at my breast, "if you in do
not come with us we will run you
through" - I dont know any of these
Men - I went on with them until I
found an opportunity to run away -
which I did about 12 o'Clock on
Sunday night



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