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Simon Leonard - I am Landlord of
the Hanbury Arms Inn in the parish
of Laniddel
- A rumour was made
at my House that the Chartists were
rising at Ebbw Vale and were going to
proceed to Newport - Between 11&12
O'Clock on Sunday night
as I was
retiring to bed I heard from the
outside a noise of men talking and
trampling of feet - That immediately
upon this I heard a rap at my Door -
I did not answer the rap - I then
heard another rap - and the report
of a Gun - I went to the Window and
tapped it - I saw several persons near
my door - some were passing - They
sung out open the door immediately
or we will burst it in - I opened the
My House was instantly filled - most of them
door - [^] About two or three hundred of
were armed with different weapons, I should think there were 100
them ... ^ or more they and called for Beer - I
preceded them to the Bar and drew
some Beer for them - for some of
which I was paid and some I was
not paid for - I drew the whole of
the Beer on tap and then the men
blew the lights out - I begged of them
to get me a light again as it was -



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