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impossible for me to do anything in the
dark - which they did - Prisoner
came into the Bar - I shook hands with
him and said I am very glad to see
you and I beg of you to get these men
out - to which he made no reply, but
ordered them out - saying "Get on as
fast as possible without calling elsewhere -
He then asked me if I could accommodate
him with a Horse - I said I could not
that I did not keep a Horse myself and
could not tell him where to get one - He
said he was willing to pay anything for a
Horse - The parties had by this time
left the Room - I then said "Will you
take a Glass of anything" - He said
"I will take a Glass of Peppermint" -
Whilst I was going to get him the glass of
peppermint I found that the Jar a
Jar containing about 3 Gallons of
peppermint had been stolen - and
another Jar containing about a Gallon
and a half of Rum had been stolen -
I left the Bar - Prisoner was in the Bar
when I left it - I went to the tap Room x
and did not see anything of Prisoner
__________ S Leonard

[in left margin - in pencil]
2 Cloaks [agst line 23]
4 Umberells [agst line 24]



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