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George Lloyd of Aberystruth in the County of Monmouth
Laborer Saith - I lived about two hundred yards of Zephaniah Williams
in the said Parish of Aberystruth - On Sunday night I was coming from
Mr Robins of the Bush Inn at Nantyglo when I met a party of Chartists
who pressed me and took me by force to the house of Zephaniah Williams
where I was given a stick as large as my wrist by some parties calling
themselves Chartists in the house of Zephaniah Williams - there was a very
great number of men in the house and at the door of Williams' house - there
was about three hundred - the greatest portion of them were armed with Fire
Arms and pikes - I accompanied them from Zephaniah Williams's House for
about 2 miles to a space on the mountain between Ebbw Vale and Nantyglo
where they halted for near 3 hours - We then met an assemblage of near two
thousand persons who came to the of meeting in droves from different parts-
Zephaniah Williams then stood on a tump and said "Now my Dear Chartists "
never be daunted for we are enough to go against them all - we are to be in
"Newport by 2 o'Clock as there are hundreds and thousands on the road we may
"overtake or they overtake us - you need not be afraid my Dear Chartists for the
"Soldiers are all asleep and wont hurt we" - the people assembled who were
Chartists then answered " we don`t care for them we are enough to take
them all - I went with them unwillingly when some of them broke open
houses and insisted upon the occupants going with them to Newport - On
our way along the Canal Bank they pushed me into the Canal because
they said I was inclined to run away - I went into a house to dry
myself and remained there till half past 6 o' Clock next morning -
On my return home I found another party of Chartists who were all
armed with either Guns pistols or pikes - After passing Sir Charles
Morgans Park
me met the advanced part of the Chartists returning
from Newport - I returned with a party of the Chartists several of them said
" The Devil shall have me before Zephaniah Williams has me with
him again - they also said " The Soldiers are shooting us down " one
of them appeared to be wounded in the Arm - he said the Ball
had passed through his arm
____________________________ George Lloyd
Xd [in pencil left]



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