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[top right corner] 53
[in left margin] 544. Lloyd
Regina v. Z Williams

_ of Aberystruth in the Coy of Mon. Laborer
George Loyd ^ says that ^ on the Sunday Evening
__before the Riots 3rd November instant
last ^ between six and seven o clock he I
was coming down from his ^ my house which
is in the Coed ca for the purpose of hiding
Himself from the Chartists wh as he was
afraid they would compel him to go with
them. he had heard that they threatened to kill
every one wh that remained behind when
they came back : He met Mr Henry
upon the road by his Brother's
house ^ in in which there was no one - he as
inquired for Mr Sydney Vennor or Mr T
- he sent him down to the work
to look for them but cou-d not find them
He then sent him to Mr Robinss of the Bush
at Nantyglo
- but Mr S: Vennor was not there
in returning upon Brown's Hill he met
a Gang of them who ask-d him to where he
was going he answer-d - nowhere in particular
they then said "damn your Eyes come along"
he went with them to Zephaniah Williams
where they gave him a Stick (a Mop
Stick) they went then to the Hill - where
Men where assembling in great Numbers
from all every directions. Zephaniah got up on



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