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a Bank and spoke to them he said "Now my
" Dear Chartists dont be afraid the Soldiers
will not touch you . we are bound to
be at Newport by two o clock in the morning
the Soldiers will be all fast asleep and they
wou will not touch us" - they went as far as
Abercarn when being reluctant
to go on when they urged still more and at
last He push-d them 4 - of them into the Canal
they then w... went into some house
and endeavoured to dry themselves and
________about 1/2 past six oclock
on went back ^ but they soon met from
20 to 30 people who insisted upon their
going down to Newport with them -
they went reach-d Sir Chas Morgan's Park
between 9 and 10 o clock where they met
hundreds running back without Arms
and some without hats. He heard some of
them say the Devil shall have me before
I will go with them again the/y/ said the Soldiers
wh were shooting them and pursuing them
and they had dropd S several of them -
They went into Ebwy Vale and compelled
People to go with them - breaking the doors open
if they refused to go and taking the People
left th with them __ [signed] George Lloyd



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