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Regina v.Z. Williams

George Lloyd - I am a Labourer I live at
Blaina - On Sunday before the Riots
the 3[r]d November instant between Six &
Seven o' Clock I was coming down from my
House which is in the Cordea[*] - for the purpose
of hiding myself from the Chartists as I was
afraid they would compel me to go with them
I had heard that they threatened to kill every
one that remained behind when they came
back - I met Mr Henry Vennor upon
the Road by his Brother's House - in which
there was no one - He I enquired for Mr
or Mr.T Brewer - He sent him^ me down
to the work to look for them -- but ^ I could not
find them - He then sent him me to Mr
' of the Bush - at Nantyglo but Mr. S.
was not there - in returning upon Mr.
Brown's Hill he I met a gang of them who
ask'd him ^ me where he I was going - I answered
no where in particular - they then said "damn
your Eyes come along" - I went with them to
Zephaniah Williams' house where they gave
me a stick - a mop - stick - they went then
to the Hill where men were assembling in
great numbers from every direction Zephaniah
got up on a Bank and spoke to them
He said "Now my dear Chartists don't
be afraid - the Soldiers will not touch
you - We are bound to be at Newport by
two o'Clock \\ in the morning - the Soldiers
will be all fast asleep and will not touch us "

[* Cordea/Cordca -?? a corruption of Coed cae Blaina]



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