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to wit }
The Deposition of George Lloyd of the
parish of Aberystruth in the County of
Labourer taken before the
undersigned Justices who on his oath

I live about two hundred yards of Zephaniah Williams
in the said parish of Aberystruth. On Sunday night
last I was coming from Mr Robins of the Bush Inn at
Nanty Glo
, when I met a party of chartists who pressed
me and took me by force to the House of Zephaniah Williams
___________________as large as my wrist
where I was given a Stick ^ by some parties calling themselves
Chartists in the House of Zephaniah Williams - there was a
very great number of men in the House and at the Door of
Williams' House there was about three hundred - they were
greatest portion of them were armed with The Arms and
pikes. I accompanied them from Zephaniah Williams' house
for about 2 miles to a space on the Mountain between
Ebbw vale and Nanty Glo
where they halted for near 3 hours
we there met an assemblage of near two thousand persons
_________________________from different parts
who came to the place of Meeting in droves ^ Zephaniah
then stood on a Tump and said " now my dear
"Chartists never be daunted for we are enough to take go against
" them all". We are to be in Newport by 2 oclock as there
__________________________________________we ____overtake
" are hundred and thousands on the Road which ^ may meet
_________or they overtake us"
"or we meet them - " You need not be afraid dear chartists
" for the Soldiers are all asleep and won't hurt we you " the
people assembled, who were Chartists, then answered " We
" don't care for them we are enough to take them all." I went
with them unwillingly when some of them broke open houses
and insisted on the occupants going with them to
Newport - On our way along the Canal Bank they
pushed me into the Canal because they said I was
inclined to run away - I went into a House to dry myself
and remained there until 1/2 past 6 oclock next morning
On my return home I met another party of chartists
who were all armed with either Guns or pistols or pikes -
After passing Sir Charles Morgan's park we met the
advanced part of the chartists returning from Newport
I returned with a party of the chartists several of them



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