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said the Devil shall have me before Zephaniah Williams
has me with him again - " they also said " the Soldiers are
shooting us down - One of them appeared to be wounded in
the arm - he said the ball had passed through his arm -
____ Sworn this 5th day of }
November 1839 before us} __ [signed] George Lloyd
___________John Gwynne
____________ Jos. Bailey Jr

Monmouthshire }
to wit}
The Deposition of Joseph Stockdale
of the parish of Aberystruth in the
said County of Monmouth
taken before the undersigned Justices who
on his is oath saith [indented right]

_____________when it was getting dark
On Sunday evening last [^] about 6 oclock on passing
Zephaniah Williams' house I heard a great noise in
it. I turned into Williams' house and went into the Long
Room. Williams asked me if I wanted to sign my name
to the chartists, I said no my name is here already, I
think Williams said if it is here already you have no
need to put ^ it again. I asked him if there was any
money wanted, he said no there is no money wanted
from any one. My reason for asking this question was
because I had understood that chartist Tickets were
paid for - Williams said they ( the chartists ) were to
march up the Hill as soon as it was dark and he
continued and directed me to meet them and take some~
_and if I could not find one he would try to furnish me with one
~sort of weapon with me ^ When I left Williams'
I left George Lloyd there -Williams directed
the persons then present to meet at a certain place on the
as there were fourteen thousand people to be there
he also directed them to be prepared with weapons of some
sort Williams stood on a chair in the Long Room and



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