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Reg a v Walters

David Neck Clerk to Mr David Williams Solicitor
Newport states - that I was a Special Constable - on
the 4th November last the Day of the riots at Newport I was
at the Westgate Inn - I was not stationed there with some
others of the Special Constables but went there it being head
quarters for the contables - I was standing on the top step of
of the Westgate in front of at the Door - About 9 oClock in the
morning I saw a large body of men turn the corner
from Stow Hill and came round in front of the Westgate
and passed on towards the Gates of the Westgate - as they were
passing I saw Walters going with the Mob - he was by the
side of the mob against me -the Mob tu immediately turned
back and faced the Westgate
- Walters had a Gun in his
hand - I am sure it was Walters - I knew him before the
riots - I am certain it was a Gun he had -the mob
immediately after turned back and faced the Westgate when

^ immediately after Walters passed me
I saw a man come from the crowd with a Gun in his
hand towards the front door of the Westgate when & I went ^
I was then standing there
at the door- the door was open - as I was turning round to
into the House - as I was going into the House when I entered
- the door I turned round and heard [I heard] a person outside say
" surrender as our prisoners" or ["] surrender our prisoners" - I then
ran in up to the bar door where I meet the then Mayor who
was proceeding towards the room where the Soldiers were
and I followed him there - & immediately the firing
commenced from the outside into that room through the
Windows - the shutters were closed half way down the windows



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