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I then went back home - about 6 o'Clock
I was at the Royal Oak again - I saw
Prisr - again - I saw him near the
Bar - he said "There's no time to delay
so you must be off every one" - He went
out - I begged Mrs Williams Prisoner's
Wife to give me a Pint of Beer which she
did - I then went with the rest -
George Lewis - a Smith - living at Blaina -
David Evans a Smith also living at Blaina -
came out of the door at the same time I
did - I did not see them afterwards -
they had nothing in their hands - We
went from the Royal Oak through Nanty
glo to the Mountain
- a great number of
people were there - Some armed with
Guns, pikes &c_ I saw Prisr there -
He was backwards and forwards talking
to one and another - I heard him say
that he would go down and get Steam
trams an as many as he could and
get planks to put upon them and that
we must all prepare our way for
Newport that night - We then went
in a Body down the Hill - We all
halted at the bottom of the Hill for
some little time - we went to the
yard before the Furnace
and stood there
for a short time - We were ordered
to march on as the time was short -
I can't say who ordered us - I went
on to Pontaberbeeg where I tried to make
my escape when two Men with pikes
said "you must go on" - I came on



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