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Reg. v. Z. Williams.

Edward Richards - I am a Collier - I live at
the Blaina - I was at home on Sunday the
3.rd day of November instant - I live in a
House opposite the Prisoner's- I have been a
Chartist -I attended the Chartist meetings
at the Royal Oak - I have always seen
Zephaniah Williams at the meetings when he
was at home-I attended the Lodge Meetings
on Thursday before the Riots - Prisr was
there - he proposed a Great meeting to be
held there on Sunday night & for every one to
come there - & that he would then tell us
what he wanted of us - I went to Prisrs
House - I was there at 6 o`Clock in the Evening -
I heard an Englishman speak - I have
heard he came from Blackwood. He
said "Every one who intends to be a turn-Coat
march out"- but no one did - He then
said that every one who would not come
forward to the Hills with me arms, it
would be a very hard case for him -
Prisr acted as Interpreter and told us in
Welsh what was said by the Englishman
- I went home to have some tea - I put some
bread and cheese in my pocket - I went out
to the Mountain with a walking stick in my
hand - I saw a great many people there
with Pikes,Guns and other Weapons- I
saw Prisoner there
- I talked with him -
I said what is the use of our being there-
that I thought there would be some

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