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advise giving information Nothing said about
being discharged if I gave Information
Z Williams's House the nearest way
to Abersychan from Bryn Mawr
I do not know there is a shorter way
across the mountain from Bryn Mawr
than I mean to say I know not of a shorter
First saw the Prisr nr Ebbw Vale
___________________[?]Up on the mountain

did not the Prisoner draw a Pistol & threaten to shoot you
As to the Pistol being seen by others
was it not dark
I cannot say the Pistol was
loaded. It was by all the [?] ac[coun]- ts
I have heard- did not the
Pris r. tell you the Pistol was

After the Tram was [?] att-d I did not by
go into a House near where the
Tram was att d go into a House
& force people out I did so by his
orders. Prisr ... ... off [?]
[in left margin]

I did not use violence towards
a Young Man & the Pris r did not
interpose & blame me for it
I saw the Pris r behave violently
towards myself for one I have
seen the pris r holding a pistol towards
another person whose name I do not know



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