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this side of Pie Corner near the Square just
coming up by the Top about 1/2 p[ast] 7 or 8 in the mor-ng
it was light. The ansr Pris r. gave was we are
going thro' Newport & very likely to Monmouth
I did not hear Prisoner recommend
peace several times
Pistol 10 or 12 In[che]s long __ [?] ... Horse Pistol
I cannot name one man who saw
the Pris r but [?put] the Bullet bullet [?] in the Pistol
Wet[in left margin] }
& noisy
Conversation bet[wee]n Prisn r & Witness
noise of the People dark night & wet
Pont Aberbeeg - The Pris r & several more
went in. I went in to a Public House
bet[wee]n Pont Aberbeeg & Ebbw Vale

Pris r did not restrain witness from violence agst a young Man.
of being [in left margin] }
Not restrained by Prisoner at
No word passed bet[wee]n me & the Pris r
at Stow Hill
Conversation bet[wee]n us at Stow Hill
I retreated
I saw the Pris r when the wounded man
was brot to Stow Hill

[Newport Libraries embossed stamp at foot]



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