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night then I asked him what was his intention
he said we are going to Newport very likely to
Monmouth I thought I better go home and moved
________________this was the Ridge of the Hill
to go my way stop stop said he you must go
with me to take this men on I was much frightened
and I went with them we started it was then
from 10 to 11 o Clock from the Hill then we met
another party we were then a large number we
went on to pont aber tyllery Beeg several went to the
publick-house - soon after S [Z] Williams got a
Tram soon after got another put to it on we
went till we came to a publick-house which is
between two roads, there was a great body of men
there S[Z]ephania myself and others where in the
Tram - we stopd at this publick house more than
an hour from there I walk with S[Z] Williams
he was behind I believe to prevent any of the
[^] to turn back - there was a young man in a plad
[^] kept the men in order with a middle age man
who had a Mandrel & Tin horn keeping the men in order
I would know both men we came in that manner

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