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Thomas Saunders - I am a Farmer - I
I live at Tyn y Cwm in this County - Near
the Welsh Oak - I was at home on Sunday
the third November instant - about 12
o' Clock on that night whilst I was in
bed I heard a noise on the Tram Road
- my house is near the Tram Road - I
sat up in bed for a minute or two - In say about
five Minutes and then ^ after I lay down again -
A man came to the door and called me by
my name "Thomas get up" - His name
was Andrew Crowgy - I said "What
do you want" he sd " Rise directly - come in-
a Minute and I'll tell you" - ^ said he I got out
of bed and opened the down door - Crowgy
came in - He said if you like to go out
to make your escape, go in a minute
because there is hundreds of the Chartists
on the tram Road, and there is hundreds
more of them of coming there is no doubt
of it - they have searched every House
in Abercarne and draw'd us out of
bed and they have made of me go
without a bit of victuals - If you like
to go out I'll go back and tell them
there is no one here - they have watch'd
me coming down to your House -
I saw If I can make my escape myself I will
Cut off from them as Soon as I can"
I put my Clothes on and went into the
Barn - I remained there about an
hour when a the Barn door was
burst open - I jump'd down from the
Straw and asked them what they wanted



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