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they said "Is this your Barn?" I said
"yes" - they asked me to let them shelter
there a bit - I gave them leave -
this was about one o'Clock - I asked
them where they were going - they said
they had orders to stay at the Welsh
until they should have an
answer back from Frost - that
him (Frost) and five more went were gone down
to High Cross to see if thePontypool
Men were come there according to
their promise - or else if the Pontypool
people wouldn't come there that night
that every one of they them was to return
home - I then left them there -
cautioning them not to be careful of
their lights - I don't know any of
the men who were there - not one -
I went into my House - It was very
wet - I lit a good fire - In about
an hour after I lighted the fire, about
three o' Clock, three Men came and
knocked quickly at my door - I went
& opened to the door and said from
the inside "What do you want" -
They said Will you please let us come
in and warm a bit - we have been
out all night - I opened the door and
said "Come in then" - I asked
them where they were from - they
said from Gellygare I didn't
Know one of them - In about half
an hour more came - until the House
was full - I walked from my House



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