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to the barn - the men there were Smoking
and drinking - I think it was Spirits -
I returned to my House again - When the
men were nearly ready to go a man
having a Stick with a Spear at the End of
it in his hand came in - There was
about 9 or 10 drying themselves by the
fire and this man said to them "Come
be off - its time to go" - they said
the state we are in is enough to kill
us - let us dry ourselves a bit - there
is plenty of time - they remained in -
and said to him He said to them
if you don't come I'll send in
half a dozen Guns and make you go -
and then he went out - this was
about half past 6 in the morning -
In about 10 Minutes after this man
went out in Zephianiah Williams
Came in along with another Man
Man - I don't know the other Man -
Williams said to the Men drying themselves
"Come walk on my Men Now we're
bound to go" - they then went - Williams
went out of the House to see the men out
and then returned and asked if he should
warm - I said "Yes by all means as
as well as the rest" - He came back
into the House with the other man -
He went to the fire - He was very wet -
he had on a blue Coat - rather dark
trowsers - And a bit of a Stick in
his hand - I asked him where they were
going - Whether they were going to Monmouth



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