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He said "Why do you ask that?" - I
I said because some of the Men that was
here this morning said you were
going to Monmouth to draw Vincent
out of Prison "- He said - We don't
attempt to do such a thing as that -
We bain't agoing no further than
Newport" - He remained at my
House about ten Minutes - It was
exactly Seven o' Clock by my Clock
when he went out - the Men
in my Barn and in my House
were armed - Some with Guns
some with pikes - others had
old scythes - some had Sticks
one of them tapped me on the
shoulder and Said "come, come
along - you bain't better than us" -
I said they had done a damage to
my Corn and that it would take
some time for me to repair it -
He said - Well if you wont come
with us we'll send others to fetch
you in a rougher manner than

[signed]Thos Saunders

[in left margin]
Reg v Z. Williams
Evidence of Thos Saunders

[with pencil annotation]
This has been copied



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