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9th Jany 1840
Thomas Saunders-further states that the acc[oun]t
given by him in his examination to day of the affair
of £25 is correct & that he is certain Daniel Lewis
will corroborate it - With regard to the meeting of
the female Chartists-Examinant states-About the
___________at 9 Oclock
29th August last^ in the Evening, Daniel Lewis & myself
went Edward Marsden - John Davies a Druggist
Wm Lewis Grocer - A Scotchman named [blank]
________whom I had never seen before that day
a Bookseller^ I myself went to Z. Williams
to have some beer- We went into the little parlour
on the left hand side of the frontdoor - We drank
several pints of beer - The Scotchman after a
conversation with Llewellin Williams (Z's Son) about
the female Chartists' club expressed a wish to go into the
_________where they were then assembled
room ^ (before he said those words I was not aware
of such a society) Llewellin said he would speak to his
father - he did so & in a short time afterwards - a
person^ woman came out whom I did not know - who said
"if you wish to come in you may" - after some
hesitation the Scotchman & John Davies persuaded
us to come in- As soon as I got in I saw Z Williams
was standing up at the end of the room - we walked
up to him & sat on a Bench then the Scotchman was
placed in the chair to make a speech - I cannot
recollect exactly^all that he said, but I recollect his



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