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saying he was happy to see so many women there
with children in their arms, assembled in such a
good cause, & all these young women that are here
ought never to get married unless they marry
a Chartist - to or words to that effect & as we were
going to leave the room - a woman said - there are
strangers here & you must take care of them & if you
y don't give many for us I have some drink you
shall be marked out - I gave a shilling which was
all I had in my pocket - Mr Lewis picked the shilling
up & gave half a crown - the others gave something
as well - I left the Z. Williams 's about 1/2 past
10 - to the Blaina room above the ^Shop above at the Blaina where Lewis
& myself then lived I went to Bed & got up at 1/2
past 2 A. M. I walked to Newport to get up the Goods
we had purchased at Bristol - I returned to Blaina
about 1/2 past 9 that night - I did not find Lewis
at the Shop & went up to a house above Z W's when
where we had our meals. Lewis not being there, I went
to Z W's house - they said he was in the room- I
went in - I found that he had bought a card
before I came in & he said told me I had better have
one also - I accordingly had one & he paid 3/- for it -
I did not hear any one speaking - I did not stay
above 10 minutes - I was tired -
I lost that card - & on Sunday night, I bought

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